If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. African Proverb

Our story

We are sisters and best friends, born and raised in Romania, and we spent our adulthood in Vienna, Austria. Growing up, we learned from our parents to celebrate life in general, but especially milestones and other special occasions. Our house was always full of friends and family, all our birthdays and holidays brought people together, were full of laughter, music, good food and drink and lots of excitement. We can therefore say that the events are in our blood; We grew up with not only an appreciation for celebrating special moments, but also a passion for organizing these events and bringing loved ones together to create lifelong memories.

Among all the occasions to be celebrated, the wedding deserves special attention. In typical Romanian fashion, we have attended many weddings over the years. As little girls, we used to hide in our father's church when he performed weddings so we could see the bride. For us she was a princess who was having the most beautiful day of her life. As a result, we developed a certain fascination for weddings and their sense of magic, and this feeling stays with us to this day.

Our story

Family is not an important thing, it's everything.

Michael J.Fox

Me and Andreea were talking already as children about opening a wedding planning business, during a time when you would only hear the term wedding planner in American movies. When Radu and Calin joined our family, we were happy to find out that they shared our love of celebrations and holidays. So, the idea of launching a wedding and events planning business resurfaced.

Our backgrounds, interests and strengths turned out to be a unique and exciting combination for such a business endeavor. By combining our degrees in business, wedding planning, psychology, engineering and hospitality with our experiences in logistics, project management, psychology and cuisine we strive to offer a multifaceted approach to planning your wedding.

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